Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

In our family we live by the statement, “Do your best and forget the rest.” We embrace the day and living in the moment; taking on new challenges. Our goal is to battle it out with determination and enthusiasm – finishing with gratitude for the experience.

Recently, my husband Erik completed his sixth full Ironman.  In his mind he wanted to set an overall personal record, but in the end he was elated to have finished considering the heat and the fact that the marathon is such a feat for him. However, he rocked the swim (setting a swim P.R.) and came out of the water just over 1 hour and 1 minute having swam 2.4 miles with all of the participants in Alta Lake.  

Sticking out an Ironman triathlon means one must complete a series of long-distance athletic challenges without stopping. The Whistler Ironman triathlon requires each participant to swim 2.4 miles in Alta Lake, then bike 112 miles up and down mountain passes and finish by running a marathon, which is 26.2 miles. Athletes train to get their body and mind prepared for this race and press forward as long as they can trying to make all the mandatory time cuts. Ultimately, the participants must complete the full race in 17 hours. And yes- sometimes head lamps and glow sticks are required! 

Living in a house full of athletic, playful peeps I need to have something amazingly yummy for them when they get home from working out. The recipe I choose to run with is from the Ambitious Kitchen, a blog that focuses on healthy eating with touch of sugar and spice. This cookie, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie, features all of the main ingredients my active athletes crave, being slightly savory and sweet as well. I use quality chocolate chips and my favorite Mexican vanilla to create a scrumptiously sweet flavor. The salty touch from the peanut butter balances the cookie’s sugary side. The oats and the eggs provide a hearty texture, so two or three cookies will do (I won’t lie, we never just eat one cookie). I have shared these cookies with neighbors, teachers and all my mama friends and the response is the same – very delicious. So there you have it, I love Monique’s chocolatey chewy peanut butter oat cookies and I want to show them off to all of you!! There is never a need to recreate anything that is already the Bomb! Thanks Monique. 

My favorite chocolate chips are GHIRADELLI, I have to hide them from my kids because they love them too. They make a variety of chips to enhance cookies and brownies.  

P.S. An Ironman (woman) was sporting this shirt. The truth is, both life and sport require us to press on when obstacles are great. You don’t always get the results you want, but you will grow in strength and character. Congratulations Erik on the completion of your 2017 Ironman!!

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