The Beautiful Balance

Feeling isolated, Andie used food to comfort herself. Watching her father cope with depression through alcohol and an unhealthy lifestyle – Andie started to use food as a companion. She soothed herself with over eating as a way to deal will pain, trying to escape. 

Introducing the beautifully written memoir of Andie Mitchell, It Was Me All Along – a chronicle of her life and steps she took to find self acceptance and a balanced relationship with food. From childhood through adulthood, she battled the weight of her experiences and emotions – along with the physical pounds of discomfort. Feeling trapped by loss and fear, Andie used food to cope with her sadness. After years of dieting, she recognized her ALL or Nothing lifestyle didn’t work and her new thinner image still did not reflect happiness. Her story leads you through her process of discovering a beautiful confidence knowing she was not defined by her tribulation nor her weight on the scale. Her memoir takes you places that you relate to, the nature of life experiences and lessons learned through both trials and triumph.  

Balance – mental steadiness or emotional stability; a habit of calm behavior or judgment.


Andie shows that self acceptance is a pure gift that we must give ourselves. Understanding that the events in our life develop curves in our existence, but they don’t have to complete our form.  We are created to be unique and show individuality – no amount of pushing to be in the perfect body and mind makes it so. Imperfections are human and we must understand and appreciate life from a place of compassion and willingness to move forward with hope and joy.

This book unpacked itself in just a few days while I vacationed – it was the perfect pool companion. Worthwhile – Definitely! A good pause in my day, taking time away to read her story; how she reclaimed a balanced approach to life, expressing herself through writing and by sharing her renewed appreciation for food.

Sometimes in life you get the unexpected. It breaks you down and rips you apart, but it can also be a setting for new grounds – a restored foundation.  In the book you see this process in both Andie and her mom. Brokenness has a way of leading you to hope, Hope presses you to endure and when you build Endurance you have the strength to Prevail. Life is about building a balanced approach (I am sure I already said something like this, but it is true). Prayer, exercise, rest, healthy eating, being with family & friends and showing dedication to your work all have to be in balance. Andie’s greatest struggle ended up being her gift. When she gained harmony and clarity in her life she was able to use her past experiences to build her future. 

Currently, Andie has a successful food and life blog which celebrates an array flavors and flair through healthy recipes.  Additionally, she shares inspirational stories that highlight healthy living and a balanced approach to body wisdom – knowing one’s needs for physical and mental health. Please enjoy her story and visit her blog for updates on her life. Cheers!   

Heather Tullos – a lover of decadent sweet treats and author of Sugar Dish Me, reflected on Andie’s journey as well. She also featured Andie’s Sour Cream Fudge Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. A special thanks to Heather for sharing her thoughts, baking expertise and photography. Take a look and maybe today is the day to bake.  

Andie learned how to enjoy just one slice of her scrumptious chocolate cake. I am trying to do the same with my favorites – Coffee Carmel Fudge Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. My son Aidan has a way of keeping me in check by finishing the pint of ice cream and stealing PNB cups. Thanks Aidan for helping your mama out.