The Perfect Pacific Northwest Weekend

 Perfect Pacific Northwest Weekend

1. One of the best ways to start off a Pacific Northwest weekend is to go on a hike. However, as any one in the PNW knows, there are a million hikes to choose from! Boardman Lake is an easy but spectacular hike right off Mountain Loop Highway in Washington State. The beautiful old growth cedar trees and the two lakes, make it a magical hike that is worth the 5 mile bumpy, very bumpy gravel drive to the trail head. Make sure you don’t miss the entrance like us as the parking is on the right and the entrance to the hike is on the left!

 Perfect Pacific Northwest Weekend

2. A little boutique shopping in a charming town is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon here in the Pac Northwest.  On a recent trip to Poulsbo to see a friend she introduced me to two fabulous local retailers.  My first stop was at Northwest Land and Sea, a newer boutique that features Northwest inspired apparel and gifts. The owner helped me pick out an adorable denim dress fit for the summer days ahead.  I could see myself wearing many of her offerings, I definitely felt at home in this store.  Our next stop was Flicka, this store represents the current fashions, everything felt fresh and young. I happened upon many of my favorite brands and some new stylish brands that had potential in my book. I look forward to visiting both of these stores again.   

3. My dad always took us for ice cream growing up. Anytime I am out on an adventure I like to top my day off with a sweet cool treat. Mora Iced Creamery has become a must have for both my children and I. We cross over the Kingston Ferry and our beloved ice cream is right there.  My kids go for the Dulce de Leche or Chocolate Chip flavor. Now I am dairy free, so I take delight in their Mojito and Tango Sorbet. I am seriously impressed with this ice creamery – so “Toot, Toot – I love Mora!”

 Perfect Pacific Northwest Weekend

 Jennifer Pharr Davis The Pursuit of Endurance

4. A cozy weekend deserves a good read outdoors in the fresh air or on the couch in the front window where the sun warms you.  I’ve got a book on my Amazon Wish List to prep me for my next outdoor adventure, The Pursuit of Endurance by Jennifer Pharr Davis. I heard an interview of her on the podcast Your Last Meal by Rachel Bell and was so inspired to read this book so I quickly made a note to read it next. Davis held the record for the fastest hike of the Appalachian Trail for 4 years! Truly an amazing feat. It would also be a great Audible book to buy for any road trips you might be planning.



5. No matter what you do, you got to take pictures along the way. When I reflect on special times my photos help me to reignite the joy for the places I once visited and the people I shared my time with. A couple snap shots can inspire your next steps into adventure. 

 Boardman Lake Hike

P.S. Us Northwest Mama Birds can’t live without our Birks!

 Perfect Pacific Northwest Weekend

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