Our Story


Our Style

Our style is simple: Live each day and every moment to the fullest without regrets. Enjoy every meal around the table with your family and friends regardless of chaos. Use your craft and talent to grow in spirit and strength. Each recipe we’ve created is connected to the people we love, those we meet along the way and the season we are experiencing. Our cooking is inspired by the “seasons,” including both our local climate and weather patterns and reflective of our life’s journey. We are not isolated beings, but we are connected to our family, friends, community and beliefs.


Heather Joy

I am a trained teacher but most days I am focused on being a wife, mom of 3 children, domestique expert and causal writer. I’m deeply inspired by Albert Einstein; his ideals have spurred my confidence in developing and sharing my writing. || “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” –Albert Einstein || Life is not about having all the knowledge and skill – It is about pushing yourself to imagine, experience, and create. My life is about my home and going outside the nest to build new relationships that push me to develop in character, knowledge and craft. My passions are simple – cooking, walking, reading the Bible, reflecting, laughing, writing and chilling in the sun. 


Jennifer Joy

I started cooking seasonal healthy food as a way to show love to my family and friends. As our family grew, my husband and I began to have people over and created a table full of life; the more people and the more kids, the better. We planted a garden on our property to start new traditions while continuing to prepare family recipes (that are dear to me). My creations are versatile: I use my hand in many forms – gardening, photography, cooking and writing. My kitchen and desk are continually messy with kids running in and out of the house. I believe that the creative process is not a private independent act but must be shared and connected to the people in my life.


How We Met

We met two years ago when Jen and her husband and the kids moved into the “neighborhood” in Redmond, Washington – which is located on the east side of Seattle. Childcare swapping and carpooling soon turned into sharing recipes and leaving bites to try at each other’s doors. With a firm belief in sharing our life and good food, this blog was born.

We love giving to our community, nestled in the hills and valleys below the Cascade Mountains, by cooking our recipes for gatherings like neighborhood potlucks, spontaneous BBQ’s and fun seasonal activities for the kids. Jen and I are also a part of a Cookbook Club, a monthly event with friends to swap cookbooks, share recipes and cook together.